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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Burlesque Costume Inspiration

There are plenty of dancers who believe bellydance and burlesque belong to two different worlds that should never intersect. However, I do not agree. Vaudeville bellydance is especially related to burlesque because (to the best of my knowledge) burlesque was born in vaudeville. If you're looking to put a little more sass in your performances, look no farther than the ladies of burlesque. Full "oriental"-inspired burlesque costumes can also be fantastic inspiration for vaudeville bellydance costuming, although I would obviously recommend against wearing only tassels and a G-string for bellydance. Below are a few photos of a burlesque performer named Cherry Dee Licious a.k.a. TurrrboCherry from the Finnish burlesque troupe Itty-Bitty Tease Cabaret. She posted these photos on her fabulous vintage fashion blog The Freelancer's Fashion Blog.  Her makeup here is gorgeous, and her top would be perfect for bellydance.  Enjoy!

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